mardi 31 mars 2020

Des assyriens au 1/72

Voici les premières figurines peintes d'assyriens.
Elles sont imprimées en 3D, 
de la marque Germania figuren.

Des figurines agréables à peindre !
Vivement la suite !

3 commentaires:

Hightower a dit…

Wonderful work on those. Whos the manufacturer of the figures? I do not know them.

Uwe a dit…

The Figures are Looking good and also your paintjob.

How easy does this material break? I had many problems with his resin figures and stopped buying the figures.

figurines 1/72 a dit…

Thank you for your comment.
I replaced the handles of the spears because they were fragile. I had a little breakage due to the trip but nothing serious, everything is already glued. Otherwise the plastic seems rigid enough to me. They are collectible figurines and no games I think. :)

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